Living and Not Just Existing?

 living and not just existing

There are two ways to approach life.  One is filled with fear, uncertainty and an element of aimlessness.  The other is to approach your life as a daily adventure, one filled with achievement, laughter and fun.   Which one would describe your current life situation?  Many people live with a constant feeling of dread and wander around life with total aimlessness having very few goals and dreams.   They look forward to the time they get to sleep when they can find some relief of their fear.   Which group do you find yourself in?   What this article will demonstrate is how this is a state of mind that you have the power to change and control.


So what does distinguish the people in the two divergent groups?   Well if you first look at the group of people who walk through life aimlessly you will quickly discover people who are involved in life activities that simply do not bring fulfillment into their lives.  So this group of people just simply exists one day at a time hoping that tomorrow will bring different results.  Of course if you continue to do the same things over and over again and expect different results, some have said that this is the sign of insanity.   While everyone is required to do menial things in life most likely on a daily basis, these things do not need to create that dissatisfaction in your life.

Choose to Be a Person who is Living and Not Just Existing

If you chose to be a person that is living and not just existing you will begin to find activities that will actually bring pleasure and purpose to your life.  Begin to focus on other people rather than yourself.  The only legacy that we leave behind when we leave this earth is how many people have benefited from knowing us while we were alive.  The things that often seem to take the highest place in our lives, (like money), mean absolutely nothing when the end of your life arrives.



So what are some of the things that you can do to know that you are living life to the maximum?


Start looking how you can benefit and help other people.   We remember a person like Mother Theresa during her life left a huge legacy helping people on the streets of Calcutta.  She knew what it was to live and not merely exist.  She understood what was important in life and death.  Due to her commitment to the poor in India, she left a huge legacy. So if someone were to describe her who personally knew her, they would probably tell you about her unselfishness in how she used her time and resources.  She was completely “other” focused demonstrated by how passionate she was about helping other people.

Living and Not Just Existing Means to be Passionate about life

Start becoming a person who is passionate about helping others achieve their dreams.   That will ultimately be how you will achieve your own dreams and goals in life.   I am part of the home business industry and that is the biggest lesson that each one of us has to learn.  The biggest people in the industry are often also the biggest givers to others.   As you become a giver in life, you will begin to see your relationships in your life transform both with your family and friends and even your business associates.

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